Jerr-Dan Announces Cash Back Program

Jerr-Dan, the towing and recovery folks have announced a $1,000 dollar direct-to-the customer cash-back rebate program on select Ford chassis in stock. When these savings are added to the special chassis discount program available from Jerr-Dan distributors, the savings are claimed to be unmatched in the industry.

Ford chassis models included in the program include 2008 Ford F450 4×4, F550 4×4 and F650 platforms equipped with any Jerr-Dan wrecker or carrier body. Customers can either receive a $1,000 cash rebate direct from Jerr-Dan or assign the rebate to the distributor direct to use as part of a down payment.

The company further states to be eligible, retail delivery must be completed no later than September 30, 2009. No other rebate programs may be used in conjunction as well. Further, no additional discounts beyond the special chassis discount will either be applied or offered.